The selection of a certain type of stair in a house is very important. In fact, this element can be transformed into an high value decorative object if it is carefully realized and accurately combined in the context in which it is inserted.
The design and finishing with which this element is realized has a great value on the aesthetic imprint of the whole environment in which it is integrated, transforming it from a simple functional element to a refined furnishing accessory.

In this article we want to give you a quick practical demonstration. In Australia, for this private house, a stained oak named CUOIO was chosen to cover the stairs and the second floor, in clear chromatic separation with the first floor from which they depart.
The light and modern structure joins the masonry part creating a sublime union, enhanced by the covering made with an Ideal Legno flooring from the Life collection, characterized by a warm color with slights red hints. The craftsmanship of the realization is enhanced by the particular type of installation choose for the winder stair, which plays with symmetries recreating a chevron.
The metal staircase supporting structure has remained visible, so that the visual impact is a game of alternation between different materials and warm and cold colors.