Surface processes:
handcrafted treatments to enhance the character of wood

In order to make your parquet be exactly the way you want it, we go beyond the wide range of colors and we offer you many surface processes, handmade.
In this way, the wooden floor can be brushed, deep-brushed, hand-planed, and with sawn or woodworm effect. Themselves or combined with each other, these treatments give each parquet a unique look and as well style and personality.


Through the use of bristle or metal brushes, the weakest and most tender parts are removed, enhancing the grain of the wood and providing an increased hardness to the boards.


The surface is processed, by hand, removing chips and creating an irregular surface, giving the floor a worn look, typical of the floors of the past.

Sawn effect

The effect of the saw cut is reproduced on the parquet’s surface, creating transversal marks to the lenght of the board.


Process that allows to remove in depth the most tender fibers of the wood, to emphasize the grain.

Woodworm effect

Part of the wood aging process, it ricreates the typical signs left by woodworms.

How an Ideal Legno parquet is made

Thanks to a long and careful selection of raw materials, we have designed a series of wooden floors for your homes. The collections are meant to guide you towards choosing the right wood specie for your houses. In each board the spirit of the tree lives again, and from nature is transmetted under your feet, keeping its personality intact.