Hilton is synonymous with welcome and elevated standards in the hospitality world.
Anywhere in the world you can recognize the typical features of this chain, and you are sure to stay in a top quality hotel.

That’s why for the hotel in Podgorica, they chose the Ideal Legno’s wooden floors in Montenegro.

For the restoration of the Hilton Podgorica Crna Gora, Ideal Legno has provided three different floorings, for different areas of the structure.

In Executive Lounge areas, Ballroom, All Day Dining and Wine Room were laid over 500 square meters of Bistrot in Herringbone pattern, it is one of the new entries presented in the news in 2017.
For the Rooftop Bar was chose a floor in a particular shade of grey as for the Presidential Suite, in which they decided to give a touch of elegance with another grey tone matched to a decapé surface processing.
All these colours cannot be found in our catalog but were made specifically for this project, in compliance with the requirements of the customer. This opportunity gave us the chance to underline the great flexibility and adaptability to the requests of personalizations, allowing us to fully respect the buyer’s needs and to proudly supply the desired material.