Ideal Legno’s Wind Rose

Ideal Legno’s craftsmanship in shaping the material into artworks is known all over the world.

Recently its fame came to Abu Dhabi, in the Arab Emirates, where Ideal Legno got the commission for the realisation of a great Wind Rose that will decorate the middle of the library of a prestigious school of the capital.

An internation project, created in partnership with an architectural studio of Copenaghen, for which was selected the most precious wood species among the africans, asians and europeans. The teak, resistant and solid is the main element of the composition that also cover the entire surface of the library, but was used also canadian maple, oak and walnut to create the light and dark game that give life to the Wind Rose.

The processing phases provided for first the cutting of woods made with laser, then the assembly and finally the coating with varnish. All the elements that compose the Wind Rose was bevelled to emphasize the decorative element in the middle of the room.

The result was a real little gem of wood in the heart of the Middle East.


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Wood species used on the composition: