Briccole: the parquet born from the sea

Born from the reclamation of the huge wooden poles used in the Venice lagoon to delimit the navigable areas, the “Briccole”, undisputed leaders of the city of Venice, find new life inside the Ideal Legno Memory Collection.

It is said that the wooden flooring is a unique material for its texture, veins and colors, but this time Ideal Legno has overcome the concept of uniqueness, including a truly exclusive product among its proposals.
We took the authentic Briccole from the Venice lagoon and turned them into the floor covering for your home.

It is an oak wood that spends about ten years immersed in the lagoon sea bed where, tempered by saltiness and bad weather, acquires its typical appearance, rich in shades, veins and holes dug by marine fauna that naturally affects these elements.

Periodically replaced due to the corrosion to which they are subject to by tides, the Briccole find with us a skilfull reclamation, aimed at turning them into real design pieces to decorate homes. The material undergoes a slow and scrupulous process of cleaning and drying, before being worked, trying to preserve as much as possible the uniqueness of each piece.

With Ideal Legno, this wood such unique and exclusive, come back to shine once again and will appeal and excite with its noble and romantic charm, as well as for its precious historical value.

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